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While searching the internet for fluorescent bike helmets I came across a very useful web site for the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute. It’s a good resource for all different types of helmets; and of course wearing a helmet is a major part of bike safety.

The title of the page is, ‘Bicycle Helmets for the 2013 Season’.  However, much of the information has been updated for 2014.

The Institute’s home page has a fairly long list of menu items at the very top of the page.  They cover a ton of good stuff.  Quick – provides answers to your helmet questions.  How To Buy – gives you sound info on how to select a helmet based on how and where you ride.  Helmets – is an update for new 2014 helmets.  But don’t stop with these few; there are tons of helpful information on helmets and bicycle safety.  They even have videos on bike safety for younger riders.  Over all it’s a great resource.

The website contains more information about bike helmets than I have ever seen before and isn’t selling anything. They explain helmet construction and federal regulations and provide an incredible amount of information about most every helmet manufacturer in the world.  As you have probably read elsewhere, all helmets sold in America must meet the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s bike helmet standard for impact tests, so even relatively inexpensive helmets are generally as safe as the higher priced ones.  The site explains which types of helmets may be better in a crash.  In fact the only problem with the site is that it may contain more information than you really care about.  But if that’s a problem, it’s a great problem to have.  The New York Times once used a slogan to deal with a similar situation, ‘You don’t have to read it all, but it’s nice to know it’s all there.”

It’s definitely worth some of your time. If you’re all about bike safety, then a durable helmet and a see me wear bicycle jersey makes a good, safe combination. Learn more about our hi vis bike jerseys.

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