Bicycling News: Driver Sues Cyclist She Hit?

Cyclist Hit

Driver Sues the Cyclist She Hit

Motorist who dragged bike 30 feet seeks reimbursement for damage to car

· Caitlin Giddings

· Well that’s one way to say you’re sorry.

A New York-based photographer is suing a cyclist for $2,000 in damages to her car after rear-ending him and dragging his bike for 30 feet down Union Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Although the cyclist, artist John Roemer, rolled off the bike to avoid being dragged, he suffered a fractured hip and was in the ICU for several days as a result of the incident, which happened this past May.

Now even though the drivers insurance company recognized she was at fault and reimbursed Roemer for his medical bills and bicycle, she wants compensation for the (allegedly cosmetic) damage her Infiniti incurred when it struck him.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time a driver has tried to file suit for damages after hitting a cyclist: In April a Canadian woman tried to sue the family of a teenage cyclist she struck and killed, claiming $1.35 million in damages from emotional trauma.

While Roemer’s case is far less egregious than that one, its still hard not to wonder about the mindset of someone who severely injures a human being and has more concern for her property.

Also frustrating is the fact that drivers and law enforcement officers don’t always take collisions with cyclists as seriously. If you’re the victim of an accident or assault while on your bike, here’s how you can fight back in the courtroom, even if the police don’t press charges.

Let us know your thoughts on this twisted tale of bike safety.

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