Fluorescent Helmets and See Me Wear Jersey – Great Combination

July 20, 2014 | Bike Safety, Fluorescent Bike Helmet

So today I went to local bike stores to try and find other fluorescent helmets and see how they worked with see me wear bike jerseys.

The first photo is a Specialized Align on a see me wear cycling jersey.  The helmet retails for around $60.A Specialized Align Fluorescent Helmet with one of our see me wear bike jerseys

This second shot is the helmet alone from the side.

Fluorescent Helmet Alternate View


The third photo is a Bontrager Quantum on see me wear, the combination is spectacular.

A Bontrager Fluorescent Helmet with one of our see me wear bike jerseys

The fourth photo is the helmet alone. Bontrager is Trek’s brand for wheels, accessories and helmets. They make a bunch of fluorescent helmets.  The Quantum sells for about $65 and comes in three sizes, S,M & L. They also make a Circuit for $100 in the same sizes. And for you sports out there the Bontrager Velocis (get it- think Italian) for $250 in the same three sizes.  I’m also very glad to report they make a real bright youth helmet as well, the Solstice for about $40.

Bontrager Fluorescent Helmet

I’m sure there are a lot more great looking neon or fluorescent helmets out there. If you have one please send us your photo with your see me wear jersey.

We’ll pick the best one and give the winner one of our magnificent windbreakers.  And when we identify the brightest helmet and match it with one of our bike jerseys, I’m going to buy one for myself.  It may be hard to top the Bontrager; let’s see what ya got!

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