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Benefits of Bicycle Jerseys


Why Wear a Bicycle Jersey? Isn’t Your Regular Shirt Just Fine?


Whether you’re an avid cyclist or new to cycling, you may not have invested in bicycle jerseys. In fact, you may be wondering what the big deal is, why should you bother getting a bicycle jersey at all, when you have tons of perfectly fine shirts and t-shirts just sitting in your dresser. Sure, a quality bike jersey can cost a bit more, but even for casual cyclists, investing in even one or two bicycle jerseys has ample benefits that can pay off in the end.

Bicycle Jerseys Help You to Stay Cool & Comfortable

Different Types of Bicycle Jersey Fabrics & Materials & How These Affect Your Comfort Levels

It goes without saying that most of us sweat while cycling. And some of us sweat more than others. The climate you live in can affect this, but so can the fabric you’re wearing. Quality bicycle jerseys are typically made of a special material that allows for moisture wicking. Moisture wicking is the process in which the fabric pulls sweat off the skin and brings it to the outside of the garment, helping you to stay cool.

If you’re thinking that your good ol’ cotton t-shirt will do the same job as a bicycle jersey, think again. In fact, the 100% cotton and cotton-poly blends that comprise most t-shirts will leave you soaking wet in your own sweat, and possibly overheating. The reason being is that this type of material doesn’t allow your skin to breathe, which is one of the reasons why bicycle jerseys are a much more optimum choice.

Polyester Wicking Bicycle Jerseys

Though many bicycling jerseys are also made out of polyester, the polyester is woven in a manner that helps to draw moisture from your skin; this means that a bicycle jersey will give you a more comfortable riding experience. Of course, you’ll still sweat, but you won’t be sitting in your own dampness for long.

Nylon Bicycle Jerseys

In addition to bicycle jerseys that are made from polyester wicking material, there are also nylon bike jerseys that you can buy. A nylon bike jersey is made out of a unique blend of microfiber and spandex, materials that also have the ability to keep you cool while cycling by absorbing moisture. Nylon has a long shelf life, but if you have any colorful cycling jerseys made from nylon, you’ll find your colors fading over time, as nylon doesn’t hold different color dyes as well as other fabrics.

So if you’re buying a high visibility cycling jersey, which of course we recommend, because of the many benefits of hi vis cycling, your best bet is to buy a bicycle jersey made out of a polyester wicking material. All see me wear bike jerseys are made out of polyester wicking material to allow you the greatest possible comfort while riding, and to ensure that the colors of your bike jersey last a long time.

Merino Wool Bicycle Jerseys

If you do more cold weather riding, you may also want to consider a merino wool cycling jersey. Merino wool bicycle jerseys also help move the moisture away from the body and keep you warm. They’re also a lot less itchy than some other types of wool, but a merino wool jersey can be very pricey, and not always affordable for all cyclists.

Another option for cold weather cycling is layering. Depending on your climate, you may want to try a long sleeve cycling jersey, along with a cycling windbreaker paired together. That way you can also shed or add your layers as needed.

Or if where you bike is generally pretty chilly, and you already have a merino wool sweater in your closet, you can also couple that with a cycling jacket.

Just like their jersey counterparts, cycling windbreakers and jackets are made specifically with cyclists in mind and contain similar conveniences.

Other added benefits of bicycle jerseys are that they come with a short collar and a zipper. Zippers are an additional way to help you stay cool. Having a zipper will help you to manage your body temperature, and allow for more air to pass through the jersey, as you can open and adjust the zipper as needed, while you’re cycling.

For many cyclists, a bike jersey actually fits better than a regular shirt. Bicycle jerseys are designed for comfort and the material of a quality cycling jersey will work with your body as you ride. If you’re new to cycling, you’ll find that bicycle jerseys do fit better than regular clothes, as they often reduce bunching, and have a longer cut in the back, to keep your lower back covered and adjust for the fact that cyclists ride bent over.

The Different Styles & Cuts of Bicycle Jerseys

There are two basic styles & cuts of bicycle jerseys. The first is a racing cut or fit. The second is a club fit. Which you choose will likely depend on the type of cycling you do.

Race Fit Bicycle Jerseys

For those cyclists that do compete or race, a race cut bicycle jersey is usually optimal, as these jerseys offer a better aerodynamic experience. Race fit jerseys tend to be very form fitting, have an ergonomic design and conform tightly to your body so that movement isn’t restricted.

Club Fit Bike Jerseys

But most cyclists actually feel more comfortable in a slightly looser fitting bicycle jersey. Club fit bicycle jerseys offer a looser fit that aren’t as form fitting as a race-cut jersey, but have enough give so that you can move around freely in them. Some club fit jerseys also tend to be longer in the torso than race cuts.

Additional Features and Benefits of Bicycle Jerseys

Better Wind Resistance

Some bicycle jerseys have a more aerodynamic design when compared to regular clothing in order to confront excessive wind. With regular clothing, you’ll often find wind resistance to be a major issue, while a cycling jersey can help to reduce it, so that you can have a better cycling experience.

Optimal Cycling Comfort

We already discussed some ways that bicycle jerseys are more comfortable than regular shirts or t-shirts, but there are some additional advantages as well. In terms of design, the shoulders and sleeves on a bicycle jersey feature a wider cut, so that your arms have greater comfort as you lean forward on the handlebars.

Some bicycle jerseys, if worn consistently will actually take on the shape of your torso over time.

Bicycle Jerseys Are Designed with the Cyclist in Mind

What also makes bike jerseys a better choice is that they often come equipped with pockets to carry items that would otherwise be awkward to carry while cycling. These pockets help enormously, when you have keys, a cell phone, and other small items. Unlike regular clothing, which tends to have pockets in the front or side, bicycle jerseys have pockets along the back of the jersey, so that your items don’t fall out while you’re cycling.


A Guide to Buying Bicycle Jerseys


Which Bike Jersey Should You Get?


That’s a big question; there are quite a few bicycle jerseys on the market. How to choose the perfect bike jersey for you may involve a few different factors. But there are some general things to look out for when you’re purchasing a bicycle jersey. Here are some tips to help ensure that you’re getting a quality bike jersey.

We definitely recommend getting a bicycle jersey that increases your visibility to drivers on the road. A fluorescent cycling jersey can make it so drivers can see you from much further away, much quicker. And high visibility clothes can make an impact in being seen in today’s distracted driving world, which is increasingly affecting cyclists. Preliminary testing also suggests that fluorescent yellow and yellow-green are some of the only colors that help a color blind driver see a cyclist.

We also recommend purchasing a cycling jersey that’s made in the USA. Unfortunately many of the big brand bicycle jerseys are putting profit ahead of quality, and as such, you’ll find that their jerseys are actually made in China. This affects the quality of any product. When you purchase a bicycle jersey, try and find one that’s been made and designed in the US, or made in another country where quality won’t be forsaken, as your bike jersey will likely last a good deal longer.

At see me wear, all of our cycling jerseys are made in the US, and as such they tend to last longer than top brands that have their jerseys made in China. Because we make our bicycle jerseys out of love over a desire for profit, we also don’t have the markup that many of the big brands do. And although it costs more to make our jerseys in the US, we sell them for less than the big brands sell theirs.

The other thing you’ll want to look out for when purchasing bicycle jerseys is what type of guarantee the company offers. Sometimes we have cyclists ordering an incorrect size; we’ll exchange your jersey without an issue. When you’re buying online, it’s difficult to know sometimes how something will fit when you get it, even when you do look at the measurements. Make sure that wherever you’re buying your bicycle jerseys from, that they offer this type of guarantee.

And most of all, enjoy your bicycle jersey! With all the benefits and comforts a bike jersey offers, you can rest assured that your investment in some quality bicycle jerseys will certainly pay off many times over.