You Can Help Fight Distracted Driving

February 28, 2014 | Bike Safety, Cyclist and Drivers
distracted drivers kill cyclists

Distracted driving crashes kill over 3,300 Americans each year. Every one of these deaths is totally unnecessary and totally preventable.

Cyclists and pedestrians are particularly vulnerable to distracted drivers. A major University Hospital evaluated every traffic death in America over a six year period and found the rate of pedestrian deaths increased 45%; while bicyclist deaths increased 32%.

Most states have laws prohibiting distracted driving, but they are largely ignored by drivers. As a result the death toll keeps climbing.

For that reason we must ask Congress to pass laws that will prevent drivers from using distracting devices even if they want to disobey the law.

We ask you to contact your national senators and congressmen or women. We have tried to make it very easy and take very little of your time.

Below is a list of senators and Congressmen and women elected from North Carolina to serve in Washington. Below that is a sample letter, to save you the trouble of writing your own. Please feel free to modify the letter as you desire.

Please send emails to both senators and your own congressperson. If you don’t live in North Carolina and want to participate just go to: to get the contact information for your state’s senators and congressmen and women.

Click on the appropriate contact links below to send an email using their online form. You can copy the sample letter into the message field adding your name to the bottom and then just send it along, it will take very little time and could save a life.

Many thanks, I and all my fellow cyclists thank you very sincerely.
Earle Bower


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