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Fantastic product thank you! Wore the new, color-block, short-sleeve cycling jersey for the first time on my commute this morning. Conditions were overcast with flat light, and humid. The course was rush-hour traffic in Austin, TX. I noticed some drivers swerve away from me as though I were a poisonous snake, while my body stayed very comfortably cool and dry. The shocked eyes of pedestrians and other cyclists picked me up long before I expected them to. Stopping shy of the word immortal, I’ll say that this product renewed a healthy confidence in me to continue cycling as a mode of transportation. Thank you!

Gary Horton Jr. - Austin TX
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I really like the attire. It’s really nice; it’s what I’ve been looking for, and it makes me visible. After I got hit by a car, I made a promise to myself that I won’t get on the road unless I have something that makes me incredibly visible…not just visible…but something that will shock the driver from texting or talking on the phone or maybe dozing off. Unfortunately you can’t really convince everybody to do the right thing to save their lives, or their heads or their bones…but see me wear is a good attempt. I have a group of 12 people that I ride with, and I know they’re all gonna get a cycling jersey too.

Edgar Saenz - Austin, TX
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After I got hit and injured by a car, I ordered two of these awesome cycling jerseys! I cant tell you how much safer I feel wearing this when I ride. I know that I am doing everything that I can do to make myself visible to drivers. It is our responsibility as much as drivers to ride safely. It angers me when I see cyclists doing what they know they shouldnt be doing, and that is what makes drivers not care about cyclists.

Jeff Bratko
cool bicycle jerseys

While my old jersey looked great, cars would still drive too close. It dawned on me that safety is about being SEEN and not what your jersey says. Now cars approach slower and give me more space on the road.

Brendan Phoenix

Great jersey Earle and it is just what the general public needs regarding bicycle safety on our highways. The way these nuts drive today is horrible. I am going to watch the website to see what else comes out. Thanks.

Rich Nagel - Stephens City, VA

I appreciate your prompt response and excellent customer service. I have to comment on how many times both drivers and bike riders have complimented me on your See Me Wear jersey. I have been wondering why I do not see your jerseys in bike stores. As a retired safety director for Nestle USA, I strongly believe that your jerseys could reduce accidents and injuries between riders and automobiles. I have safely ridden 30,000+ miles in your jerseys.

Gary Rosenberger

Hi Earle, Want to let you know I received the jersey and it’s great. I did a test at night and even with only ambient light it was clearly more visible than my other bike jerseys. That surprised me and I think proves you got it right. Thanks again, I’ll wear it proudly.

Matt Hawkins - Rochester Cycling


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I’ve actually noted a change in driver behavior when I wear my cycling jersey. I get more space and consideration when they can see me.

Lucy Propst - Bitmingham, Michigan

Hi Earle, I received my jersey today, fit is great, and I am very pleased with the bright colors (brighter than I expected). I’m extremely pleased with the quality construction. Great product, great idea. Thanks!

Mike Ratchford

I love your product! I think it’s a great idea and feel safer when I wear it. If it is clean, it is my go-to jersey. My next cycling jersey is likely to be another see me wear jersey. I have told many people about it. That video of the guy in the blue jersey disappearing in the shadows is very compelling. I notice blue jerseys all the time now out there and notice how they blend in to the background.

Eric Prostko


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The colors are bright. The design, I love the design, it just makes it stand out. And it’s that next step. And because it’s easy to wear and it’s soft, I’ll wear it more than I would if it wasn’t…it doesn’t do you any good in the closet.

Preston Tyree on See Me Wear