fluorescent cycling jersey
fluorescent cycling jerseys


Wearing a see me wear fluorescent cycling jersey makes you much more visible than ordinary bike clothing. Drivers will see you farther away in fluorescent clothing and have more time to react to you. You don’t want to surprise them.

All of our fluorescent cycling jerseys are dyed with true fluorescent inks, to make the very brightest bicycle clothing anywhere. We offer superior high visibility wear, and our cycling jerseys and jackets are the brightest on the market.

Proven by Bicycling Magazine, “When cyclists wear fluorescent clothing, a driver’s perception distance (when the driver first sees something on the road) increases from 400 feet to 2,200 feet during the day…” (December 2010, p. 34) That’s a dramatic advantage!

Under all light conditions, see me wear is more visible than conventional bike clothing. In the rain, fog or on heavy overcast days, our fluorescent cycling jersey is dramatically more visible and works much better in deep shade.

But even though see me wear offers the brightest fluorescent cycling jersey available, it is not designed to be worn at night without supplemental lighting. We don’t believe any type of high visibility cycling clothing or even reflective materials are adequate protection for cyclists after dark.

We urge you not to ride at night, unless absolutely necessary. If you must, you should get the brightest LED lighting both front and back. The government reports 53% of bike fatalities occur in the 6 PM – 6 AM periods, when the number of riders is relatively small.

Safety is of prime importance for cyclists; as cyclists, we must do everything we can to protect ourselves. Wearing a see me wear fluorescent cycling jersey can help you be seen.

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Read some of our customer testimonials and reviews in cycling magazines and news publications, and see what others have had to say about the see me wear fluorescent cycling jersey.


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Even if I have this on and my friends in my group don’t, the cars may see my friends because they’re going to see me! So, I’m going to be helping my friends too just by wearing it.

Tonya Meister on See Me Wear