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Stay warm & visible in this high vis cycling jacket

  • This is a very tightly woven, light weight fabric that is water repellent and wind resistant. Our high vis cycling jacket is cut a bit fuller than our cycling jerseys for layering and comfort. As a result it can be worn for a wide range of temperatures.
  • It’s also very comfortable and highly flexible. With the temp in the 50s and above, a Poly tee shirt and our cycling windbreaker will do nicely. Colder, a merino wool base layer and the fluorescent cycling windbreaker are very adequate. When it’s really cold, a double base layer and our hi vis cycling jacket make the perfect match. But when we say really cold, remember we’re in North Carolina, not Montana. Brrr. Wherever you live you’re going to love this versatile jacket.
  • The windbreaker comes with a full-length, bright yellow zipper and three deep back pockets.
  • Our cycling jacket’s fluorescent yellow base with orange chevron pattern helps provide better visibility than ordinary solid color fluorescent cycling windbreakers.

All of our products are made in the USA. Learn more about our see me wear hi vis cycling products and our passion for improving bicycle safety for cyclists.

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What size of our Cycling Windbreaker should you order?

Here are the three most critical dimensions: chest circumference at the broadest part, front & back length. Compare them to your favorite jacket. Important – Our Hi Vis Cycling Jacket dimensions are a bit roomier than our cycling jerseys, to allow for layering.

SizeChest Circ.Front LengthBack Length
X Large5024.528.5
2X Large532529.5


*All sizes are unisex sizes. If you are exceptionally tall, order the next larger size of our high vis cycling jacket.

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