July 28, 2014
Bike Helmets
More on Bicycle Helmets

While searching the internet for fluorescent bike helmets I came across a very useful web site for the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute. It's a good resource for all different types of helmets; and of course wearing a helmet is a major part of bike safety. The title of the page is, ‘Bicycle Helmets for the...

July 20, 2014
Fluorescent Helmets and See Me Wear Jersey – Great combination

So today I went to local bike stores to try and find other fluorescent helmets and see how they worked with see me wear bike jerseys. The first photo is a Specialized Align on a see me wear jersey.  The helmet retails for around $60. This second shot is the helmet alone from the side....

June 19, 2014
Time to Take Action

Another dead cyclist, another hit & run by a distracted driver. Please folks, bicycle safety is very important. If you are a cyclist and want to continue to ride and live, we want to hear from you. We want to start a national movement to use technology that totally disables smart phones and in-dash digital...

May 15, 2014
Bicycle Safety & A Ghost Bike Tribute
Spooked by Ghost Bikes

Dear Reader, as always please be safe on the roads...always wear a high visibility bike jersey or high vis jacket and do everything in your power to practice proper bicycle safety, so that we don't have more unfortunate deaths on the road. About a week ago, my buddy RAK and I were riding one of...

February 28, 2014
distracted drivers kill cyclists
You Can Help Fight Distracted Driving

Distracted driving crashes kill over 3,300 Americans each year. Every one of these deaths is totally unnecessary and totally preventable. Cyclists and pedestrians are particularly vulnerable to distracted drivers. A major University Hospital evaluated every traffic death in America over a six year period and found the rate of pedestrian deaths increased 45%; while bicyclist...

December 27, 2013
Hands free apps safer texting
Crash Text Dummies

More about bike safety and dealing with texting behind the wheel: In the November 2013 issue of "Scientific American" David Pogue, who writes the 'TechnoFiles' column, discusses the latest research on texting while driving. The study compared hands-free texting to hands-on texting. The results are surprising. There appears to be no difference between either method...

December 19, 2013
High Visibility Jackets Don’t Affect How Close Motorists Pass Cyclists

Check out this interesting article on bikeradar.com regarding high visibility jackets and then see my take on it below. This is a very interesting article. To me the most important thought in the article is the third paragraph; “…there is little that cyclists can do with their wardrobe to influence motorists’ behavior once they’ve been...